20 in 6 Presentations 2018

Every year, up to fifteen residents compete in the event with spirited 6-minute talks about anything in emergency medicine that strikes their fancy. A panel of four judges, all well-known lecturers and emergency medicine leaders in their own right, give honest feedback to the competitors and determine the top two winners. The audience gets a chance to vote, too, by rewarding the coveted “People’s Choice” award.

2018 Winners

"Critical Pulmonary Hypertension"

First Place Winner: Jon Smart, MD

"Human Jetpacks"

Second Place Winner Katie Lupez, MD

"Surviving Hypothermic Cardiac Arrest"

People's Choice Winner Carrie Commissaris, MD

Other Competitors

David Kaltman, MD

"Halting Hemorrhage"

Matthew Gangidine, MD

"Blast Injury"

Andrew D'Alessandro, MD

"Death Notification"

Katie Fisher, MD

"Designer Drugs"

Manavjeet Sidhu, MD, MBA

"Discharged AMA"

Darian Arman, MD

"ETOH Abuse"

Aaron Blackshaw, MD

"PIV is the MVP"

Emily Wheelis, MD


Neel Andharia, DO

"Saving Mom"

Jillian Nickerson

"Scariest Patient"

Sophia Bodnar, DO

"An Ode to TXA"

Isabel Malone, MD


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