Top Articles of 2019

In 2019, EM Resident magazine won national honors, welcomed more new authors than in any previous year, and raised the bar for content. Let's review the most-read material of the year.

Perpetual Favorites
Readers, you like a challenge - specifically, the ECG Challenge. This remains our most sought-out section, helping illuminate the fine points of EKG interpretation.

This year the Critical Care Alerts, courtesy of EMRA's Critical Care Committee, gained popularity, helping put research into context for your practice.

Free board review questions, compliments of PEER, rounded out our most-read regular sections.

Most-Accessed Articles of 2019
There's no shortage of evergreen material in our pages; in fact, many oft-accessed articles were published prior to this year. But our newest material includes some true gems.

1. STEMI Equivalents: Can't-Miss Patterns
Daniel Kreider, MD, and Jeremy Berberian, MD

2. How to Manage MDMA Toxicity
Amit Gupta, MD; Daniel O. Bral, DO, MPH; and Miguel Reyes, MD

3. A Case Report: Acute Myocardial Infarction in a 29-year-old Male
Aaron Tiffee, MD; Zariad Saran; and Tyler Ingersoll, MS

4. Pacemaker Basics for the Emergency Physician
Genna Jerrard, MD; Jeremy Berberian, MD; and Eli Zeserson, MD, FACEP

5. Ultrasound-Guided Subclavian Vein Cannulation: The Vessel to Remember
Ashley Miller, MD, and Marsia Vermeulen, DO, FACEP

6. Dear Intern . . .
Joan Noelker, MD, MACM

7. Unsafe Nursing Ratios Incapacitate EDs, Endanger Patients
Tommy Eales, DO

8. Fixing a Cuff Leak: Learning to Improvise with Airway Problems
Michael Lauria, MD; Tatsuya Norii, MD, FACEP; and Codruta Soneru, MD

9. Naloxone in Cardiac Arrest
Kasha Bornstein, MSc, EMT-P, and Tim Montreif, MD, MPH

10. Take a HINT on Central Vertigo in the Emergency Department
Michael D. Simpson, MD, and Eric Kalivoda, MD

Eye on 2020
We are already well underway with content for 2020 - and constantly looking to help new (and veteran) authors share their knowledge. Submit your article now to EM Resident!

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