Top Content of 2022

EM Resident continued to inform and elevate this year, thanks to the incredible work of our up-and-coming authors.

We are proud to present the most popular content in EM Resident magazine and on

Heart of the Matter

The ECG Challenge prevailed as a perennial favorite, sharpening those ECG interpretation skills. This year's most-read entry focused on polymorphic ventricular tachycardia, but the section overall remained a powerhouse.

Top Content of 2022

Advanced Critical Care Ultrasound Series
This series by the Critical Care Committee dominated, with extra attention on:

Critical Care Alerts
The Critical Care Committee's longest-running series, Critical Care Alerts, rounded out the rest of the most-read papers of 2022. The most popular alerts:

Popular Papers

Popular Podcasts of 2022

Learning on the go is second nature in EM, and EMRA*Cast's episodes are tailored for that. The most-downloaded episodes this year center on core topics:

Evergreen and Often-referenced

One of the best things about EM Resident is its enduring nature — core concepts and fundamental approaches stand the test of time, as proven by the fact that many of our most-referenced articles of 2022 were first printed in prior years:

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The Power of Connection

RJ Sontag, MD 08/10/2021
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