20 in 6 Presentations 2016


Every year, fifteen residents compete in the event with spirited 6-minute talks about anything in emergency medicine that strikes their fancy. A panel of four judges, all well-known lecturers and emergency medicine leaders in their own right, give honest feedback to the competitors and determine the top two winners. The audience gets a chance to vote, too, by rewarding the coveted “People’s Choice” award. See the 2016 presentations below.


First Place Winner

Nikolai Schnittke, MD; University of Wisconsin; "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Sit on the qSOFA"



Second Place Winner

William Fox, MD; UT Southwestern/Parkland Hospital; "The Anatomy of a Malpractice Suit; A Discussion of Malpractice in 7 Questions"



People's Choice Winner

Caleb Sunde, MD; UCSF Fresno; "Overcrowding and the Imperfect Art of Hallway Medicine"


Other Competitors

Annemarie Cardell, MD; Mount Sinai St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center; "Physician, Interrupted: Interruptions in the ED"


Megan Cobb, MD; DPT, University of Maryland; "All Grow'd Up"


John Cook, DO; Cook County Emergency Medicine John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital; "ED ECMO: The Basics"


Kyle Couperus, MD; Madigan Army Medical Center; "What's That Sparkle In Your Eye?"


Nicole Munz, DO; Einstein Medical Center; "Calcium Channel Blocker Toxicity"


Brooks Obr, MD; University of Iowa Department of Emergency Medicine; "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team"


Amar Patel, MD; New York Presbyterian Hospital; "Stop the Herniation, Save the Brain"


Cham Sante, MD; University of New Mexico; "Transgender and Gender Nonconforming (TGGNC) Care in the ED"


Spencer Tomberg, MD; Denver Health; "The Physics of Shoulder Reductions"


Paul Trinquero, MD; Northwestern University; "Would you Like A Lactate With That?"


Rochelle Zarzar, MD; Hennepin County Medical Center; "Reclaiming Death:  End of Life Care in Emergency Medicine"


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