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EMRA Resident SIMWars

Seven teams ready to do battle soon! Come watch the fun at ACEP14 on Wed, Oct 29th.

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All New EM Hackathon

Join a caffeine-fueled weekend of brainstorming medical solutions!

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Board Nominations

Now Accepting Applications!

Looking for a few good residents! Submit your application by September 28, 2014!

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EMRA Events at ACEP14

EMRA Events at ACEP14

Plan your trip now! Fabulous opportunities for EM residents and medical students!

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    • Emergency Medicine Milestones

      On behalf of the ACGME, myself and the members of the Emergency Medicine Review Committee and Dr. Earl Reisdorff, Executive Director of the ...

    • Understanding Milestones - An Overview

      What are milestones, where did they come from and what do they mean to me? A quick read on understanding milestones and why they are importa...


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