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About Emergency Medical Abstracts 

Emergency Medicine is a broad specialty that encompasses many fields in medicine. That's why keeping up on the literature in EM is so challenging. The best papers in pediatrics may be published in pediatric journals. The same is true for cardiology, pulmonology and urology. You name it. Emergency Medical Abstracts (EMAonline.org) was created to address this problem. We provide a whole range of services intended to keep you on top of the EM literature in a painless and enjoyable format. 


First, we survey 600+ journals a month - that's right, over 600. We look for all of the articles pertinent to EM. We list them in a searchable database that has over 250,000 citations to which you'll have access. 


Next, our EP physician editors choose 40 of the papers they feel are most interesting and likely to affect your practice. Detailed, fact-filled abstracts are written focusing on the most appropriate information for EP's. 


Then our editors and their guests review 30 of the 40 papers in depth on a 90+ minute downloadable audio. In addition to summarizing the papers, they critique them for methodologic rigor. In the process, over time, you'll learn all the "tricks-of-the-trade" and be able to access papers on your own. 


Then, the reviewers add their commentary and analysis so that the results of the papers are put into perspective based on prior research. 


And, like the citations, all of the abstracts are key-word searchable and, for the most part, you'll be able to hear the reviewer's audio summary and commentary. 


Also included is a four-page essay written by our editor or guest and a 30-minute lecture from the annual Emergency Medical Abstracts course (see our website ccme.org for a full list of our publications and courses). 


Our goal is simple. We want you to come to depend upon EMA as a significant and ongoing resource as you progressively become seasoned, evidence-based emergency physicians. And as an added benefit, we want to keep you ahead of your faculty - so they, too, see the value in depending on Emergency Medical Abstracts to stay up-to-date. 





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