Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine Med School

ACOM is one of 36 colleges of osteopathic medicine in the U.S. and the first osteopathic medical school in the state of Alabama. The institution is the only osteopathic medical school that is an academic division of a county health care authority. 

The Culture
ACOM is committed to defining and promoting a culture of professionalism and success. As a mission-driven institution, ACOM is anchored in a set of Core Values that was developed by the academic community. These core values—InSPIRED: Integrity, Service, Passion, Innovation, Respect, Excellence and Diversity—serve as the foundation for the work of the college. The administration, faculty, staff and students embrace these principles and ACOM strives to reflect their importance across the institution as a whole.

In this month’s addition to the Program Director Interview Series we had the opportunity to chat with Charles Khoury, MD, MSHA to learn about the University of Alabama at Birmingham Emergency Medicine