Spring Awards Deadline - Jan 15

Applications Due Soon!

It happens in Orlando - but you must nominate first! We're taking nominations now!

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LAC 2017

LAC Registration Open!

Be a hero physician and advocate for the specialty and your patients!

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EMF Grants Deadline

Apply for an EMF Grant!

Residents and medical students! You have time - but deadline approaching!

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ABx Guide and Brian Levine

Just Released!

It's a proud, proud author standing with the newest edition of the EMRA Antibiotic Guide!

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Residents ... PEER IX is Here!

Check out the mobile-first design - beautiful on small screen and scales up for tablet and desktop!

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    EMRA Updates

    • AAMC Standardized Video Interview

      Attention Medical Students! The AAMC (Association of American Medical College) has developed an innovative tool to enable you to share a hol...

    • ACEP Sues Federal Government

      In a bold, unprecedented move, ACEP sued the federal government to contest a regulation that impedes emergency physicians from receiving rea...

    • Know Blood Clots

      Need a convenient resource on bloodclots for your newly diagnosed VTE/PE patients and their caregivers? If you've told a patient they have ...


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