Because emergency medicine is your life. We're in it together.

I'm an EMRA:

Because emergency medicine is your life. We're in it together.

I'm an EMRA:

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(While EMRA’s events are free to attend, you must follow our COVID safety protocols and have an EMRA badge.)

October 1

ACEP 22 | Oct. 1 - 4

San Francisco, CA

ACEP22 Scientific Assembly - the world's largest EM conference. Check out EMRA's schedule of events in San Francisco.

October 1

ACEP 22 | Oct. 1 - 4

San Francisco, CA
October 1

EMRA Job & Fellowship Fair

Live at ACEP22 | San Francisco, CA
October 13
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Hippo EM Board Review

Strengthen your practice and boost your confidence for your In-training, boards, core content and beyond with Hippo Education’s suite of products at special prices just for EMRA members!


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Free download + in-app purchases

EMRA’s goal is to be there for you on every shift, and we’re making it even easier with MobilEM. This powerful app features all of EMRA's most high-yield on-shift guidance, from the vaunted EMRA Antibiotic Guide to our newest module with tips for difficult conversations.

A couple of key points about MobilEM:

  • The search is universal, so you’re going to see guidance from all our various resources.
  • Double-tapping a page creates a bookmark on that page, for faster access.
  • Double-tapping the yellow "notes" section on a bookmark allows you to embed your own notes (eg, local antibiogram info or hospital-specific protocols). 
  • It updates continually without asking you to download a new version from the app store. 
  • It does not require Internet connection at all times. It caches the latest version, and when you’re connected to the internet and open it, then it simply swaps out new content without you needing to take any action.

Get free content, subscribe a la carte, or take advantage of the All-Access Pass, which unlocks all current and future content.

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