Because emergency medicine is your life. We're in it together.

I'm an EMRA:

Because emergency medicine is your life. We're in it together.

I'm an EMRA:

5 Tips for Effective Virtual Interviews

Dr Hughes and Dr Burns offer 5 tips for effective virtual interviews for EM-bound medical students, residents, and fellows.

EMRA Events and Opportuniities

Does Policy That Impacts Emergency Medicine Training Interest You?

The EMRA Board of Directors is currently seeking candidates for its nominations for the ACGME RC-EM Representative. 

The service term is July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2023. The resident member must have a minimum of one year of emergency medicine residency education remaining after July 1, 2021

Applications Due September 1, 2020

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Register to Attend Medical Student Forum

Medical Student Forum is going virtual and early this year.  Free to EMRA members.

The EMRA Medical Student Forum brings together program directors, interns who just matched in EM, and faculty to answer questions specific to your phase in training. General sessions answer big-picture topics, and breakout sessions per year to target exactly where you are in your training.

Join Us Saturday August 15, 2020

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EMRA 20 in 6 Lecture Competition

 We seek out the best resident speakers in the country and each year, they compete for the title “Best Resident Lecturer.” Residents are given up to six minutes and exactly 20 slides to lecture on any topic that is relevant to emergency medicine.

Applications Due August 15, 2020

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Serve on the EMRA Board of Directors

The search is on for seven EMRA board positions. Become a leader. 

Nominations due September 12

Ready to Serve

August is Civic Health Month

EMRA is proud to partner with the nonpartisan groups Vot-ER and Civic Health Month to encourage voter registration amongst patients, specific to advocating the improvement of our healthcare system. Civic Health Month is observed in August, during which time health care practitioners are encouraged promote voter registration information and resources.

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EMRA Committees - COVID Resources

Check out all the EMRA Committee Events, Webinars, and Resources for COVID-19.

Committee COVID-19 Resources

Be part of an EMRA Committee.  It's easy and free!  

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EMRA Community

EMRA is where you want to be ...

If you’re an emergency physician, EMRA is where you want to be – it’s your safe place. The comradery among members gives you a close-knit family. You can reach out to EMRA and lean on some of the best mentors in the specialty. You can trust that the bedside resources and podcasts you receive contain sound clinical content. EMRA is your lifeline to health policy understanding. Looking to bolster your CV with leadership experience? EMRA’s got you covered with multiple avenues to enhance your command of guiding your team to victory! Stop wandering the emergency medicine world alone! EMRA is where you belong – it’s home. Listen as Sarah describes her "home away from home". 

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