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Most EDs are not designed to provide comprehensive psychiatric care, leading to suboptimal treatment for psychiatric patients, particularly those with suicidal ideations. Boarding in the ED often resu
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Emergency physicians should maintain a high degree of suspicion for anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis (ANMDARE) and ovarian teratomas in young female patients presenting acutely with psychiatric symptom
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Depression and suicidality are common presenting complaints in the ED and require vast resources to fully evaluate, treat, and determine appropriate dispositions for patients. Our case illustrates how
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Our case highlights the importance of recognizing factitious disorder as early as possible and connecting these patients with appropriate resources, as even specialists have difficulty diagnosing and
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency departments across the country have seen a well-documented increase in patient volume and boarding. Psychiatric boarding specifically has been a
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As providers on the front line in the emergency department, resident physicians need to pause and understand the process of petitioning patients for psychiatric placement, as this is essential to bett
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This OTC anxiolytic might cause you a little anxiety in cases of overdose. Here's an overview on how to help affected patients.
A Reflection on Mental Health and Emergency Medicine After a knock on the door, I entered the hospital room to find Lisa, a 12-year-old patient who was seated on the exam table, eyes fixed on her sho