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The EMRA Critical Care Committee's Roadblock series is the resuscitationist's guide to overcoming the obstacles in the normal algorithm of critically ill patients. Through this series, we will ask the
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Although most evaluations and interventions focus on providing life-sustaining interventions in the ED, emergency physicians must also be prepared to provide proper care to individuals who may not ben
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Palliative-care training and education, quality improvement, and research within EM has surged in the past decade. As a result, the practice paradigm for seriously ill patients in the ED has begun to
Compassion and a focus on comfort are keys when delivering end-of-life care in the ED.
Collaboration between hospice staff and EMS can reduce patient transport to the emergency department, according to a study termed Mobile Integrated Hospice Healthcare.
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Providing palliation and end-of-life care has become an important aspect of emergency medicine; this has become especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. Comfort measures and terminal extubati
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Challenges with health care literacy, lack of insurance, and simple human fear can sometimes lead patients to delay seeking help - or even deny a problem exists. Tread lightly to offer the best care i
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When patient wishes are unknown, strongly consider the risks and benefits of aggressive resuscitation in geriatric patients, as aggressive resuscitation has been shown to lead to worse outcomes in the
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With current trends toward increased boarding time in the ED, emergency care has become a multi-stage event that encompasses a lot more than procedures and decision trees.
Sides of the Same Coin: Dispelling Myths About Palliative Care in the ED Emergency Medicine (EM) and Hospice/Palliative Medicine (HPM) are often viewed as two medical specialties on opposite sides of