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Flood syndrome is defined as a spontaneous rupture of an umbilical hernia leading to sudden loss of ascitic fluid. It is a rare condition that carries a high mortality rate.
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Pediatric GI bleeding is a somewhat uncommon presentation to the emergency department. Disposition is critical for the pediatric patient with a suspected GI bleed. In the unwell-appearing child regard
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Intussusception is the most common cause of intestinal obstruction in infants and children. Although traditional teaching revolves around the “classic triad” of paroxysmal abdominal pain, bloody stool
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Trichobezoars are an uncommon diagnosis but should be considered in the differential for patients presenting to the emergency department with abdominal pain. It is especially important not to overlook
For patients with IBD flare, maintain a broad differential diagnosis, promptly initiate appropriate workup for earlier intervention and better outcomes, obtain stool samples as early as feasible for l
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Balloon tamponade devices specifically designed for upper GI bleeding are well-established as a temporizing measure in life-threatening upper gastrointestinal bleeding, but rarely have been used for l
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Gallstone-induced ileus is a rare complication of cholelithiasis. Gastric outlet obstruction caused by a gallstone is even rarer. If a patient presents to you with Bouveret syndrome, will you know how
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More than 7% of patients presenting to the ED with symptoms clinically consistent with sigmoid diverticulitis are found to have primary epiploic appendagitis.
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Abdominal hernias are not uncommon, but one type can lead to unusual presentations. Find out more about Amyand's hernia, named after the French surgeon who was surprised by an appendix wrapped in an i
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Retained foreign bodies are not uncommon in emergency medicine, but this case presented unusual circumstances as the patient had consulted a Reiki master for a regimen of colon cleansing.