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Emergency Medicine is built on a foundation of camaraderie and respect. EMRA and the Penn Department of Emergency Medicine have discussed concerns regarding the reported inclusion of a nurse practitio
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Remunerated plasma donation remains a necessary unpleasantry. In response, we can bolster the voluntary systems that uphold our country’s current blood product supply by signing up for regularly sched
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As a second-year medical student who had been anxiously struggling with unanticipated medical expenses and no viable income, I thought about the upcoming months-long amount of time during which I woul
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People experiencing homelessness commonly present to the emergency department for health care needs, and the ED plays a crucial role, as it serves as the first — and often the only — resource for acce
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The ED is an important source of health care for immigrants and refugees/asylum seekers.1,2 Since the passing of EMTALA, the ED has functioned as the health care safety net for immigrants, especially
At a time of year when most of us would prefer to be celebrating our incoming class of residents, instead EM-bound students, residents, and faculty have spent the past few months discussing the Match.
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Debriefing, leaning on peers, and seeking mental health help are all important steps in caring for unfavorable patients. Acknowledge the emotional toll that this may take on you, approach the situatio
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As I read and hear about other physicians in our specialty working through emotional burnout, I think that there must be something more we as a specialty can do for the next group of new physicians. B
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As EM physicians, we see firsthand the needs and challenges of our healthcare system and how its many moving parts intersect and clash, positioning us to become the innovators our communities need. An
International medical students face several challenges when they seek rotations in the United States. EMRA, along with our Medical Student Council, worked with relevant stakeholders — including EM pro