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Migrants are vulnerable to various tropical diseases as they traverse regions enroute to the United States. These diseases include malaria, mosquito-borne arboviruses, and helminth diseases. The congr
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New cases of syphilis are on the rise, so have a high index of suspicion in patients with any risk factor or symptoms. Consider neurosyphilis in patients with prior history of syphilis and any headach
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The CAPE-COD Trial indicates it might be worth your time to consider hydrocortisone in managing community-acquired pneumonia in admitted patients boarding in the emergency department.
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Cauda equina syndrome (CES) is a “can’t miss” diagnosis in the emergency department characterized by lower back pain. It is associated with red flag symptoms such as urinary retention or incontinence,
We have new resources to help you speak with your patients about COVID-19 treatments. These free print and digital materials are available for EMRA members to use to help educate patients about who's
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Sepsis identification tools have many criticisms and vulnerabilities. The value of different sepsis care pathways has been a major area of research and discussion among clinicians. This has caused lar
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Meningitis is a cause for concern when it comes to a patient in the ED. It is one of those cannot-miss diagnoses, as there are devastating neurological complications that can occur if bacterial, funga
The effects of COVID-19 on the health care system continue to evolve. While patients stayed away during lockdown, they are now flooding emergency departments with more acute illnesses due to lack of p
COVID-19 vaccine campaigns saved lives and reduced the number and severity of COVID cases in the United States. What did this mean to the business of health care? Significant cost savings.
Behind typhoid fever and urinary tract infections, cat-scratch disease is the third most common cause of fever of unknown origin in pediatric patients. CSD should be high on the diagnostic radar whene