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Concurrent acute ischemic stroke and submassive pulmonary embolism is a rare occurrence, and there is no sufficient evidence to support a particular method of management. It is important to weigh the
While it didn’t improve survival to hospital discharge or neurologic recovery vs the current standard of care, the sudden death CT (SDCT) protocol significantly improved the time and diagnostic abilit
Ovarian torsion, marked by pelvic and abdominal pain and considered a surgical emergency, can be difficult to diagnose but should not be overlooked, especially among pediatric patients.
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Radiology is a pillar of emergency care. What does the literature reveal about the impact of turnaround times in the radiology department?
The key concern in the ED is if there is a way to risk stratify patients for AD and, if so, is there a test with high enough sensitivity and negative likelihood ratio to rule it out.
Consult Corner Radiology How often do you call radiology for assistance? Learn how to present your case in the most efficient, professional manner — and how to avoid any pitfalls. Bradley Strout, MD,
Unexpected Discoveries: The Not-So-Incidental Radiographic Finding As the use of imaging modalities continues to increase in frequency, the incidence of unexpected radiographic findings continues to