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Experience is often touted to be the best teacher. But sometimes, we — as residents in the midst of our training and in the early stages of our careers — can choose to be the best teacher.
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In writing this, I am hit with the realization I never properly reconciled the emotional effects of this shift. There must be better approaches than the one I take now, which, if I am being honest, is
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As we usher in the new year, I am elated to join our EMRA family as editor-in-chief of EM Resident and to do my part in contributing to EMRA’s mission: supporting those of us in training so we can bec
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Emergency medicine is a highly nimble specialty, and advancements have come very quickly over the past 50 years. But this is not a fact we can take for granted indefinitely. Being good stewards of EM’
There will probably come a time when you feel you aren’t your best self. Whether you are feeling early symptoms of burnout, are not quite meeting your goals, or suffer from clinical depression, anxiet
Share your clinical experiences with legislators, friends, and family. Tell the de-identified stories of patients who have suffered from ectopic and high-risk pregnancies. Talk about your patient with
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We are confronting an ethical dilemma in emergency medicine that has been brewing for years. It impacts patients' health while business executives and shareholders, far removed from the patients they
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As the snow settles into a downy blanket over my little home in Lexington, Ky., I get to spend a few hours nestled on the couch with my big, sweet dog, the fireplace glowing, doing one of my new favor
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This December 31, many of us will be working. The ball may drop while you’re running a trauma or placing a central line. But I hope at some point you have time to reflect on the past year and renew yo
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What is culture, especially organizational culture? More important: How can a single individual affect the culture of an entire group? These 5 stages of success shed some light on that question.