Albany Medical College


Established in 1988, we are a PGY 1-3 program with 12 residents per class. Our training program challenges learners with a large volume of critically ill patients. The Department of Emergency Medicine at Albany Medical Center sees over 75,000 patients per year, with an admission rate of over 30%.

AMC treats more trauma patients than any other hospital in the state of New York, giving our residents a level of experience that enables them to be comfortable practicing in any environment. In addition to the high volume of trauma, we have one of the largest referral populations (1.5 million people) of any residency program in the United States. This allows our residents to see the sickest and most complex patients on a regular basis. We prepare our residents for this clinical experience with a progressive didactic curriculum, robust simulation experience, wilderness and tactical medicine opportunities, and are currently building what will be the region's only dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department.

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By routinely incorporating a clinical tool for smoking cessation into patient encounters, medical students can play a pivotal role in helping busy clinical teams achieve an often-unmet key clinical ob
Left Circumflex Artery Occlusions: (Electrically) Silent but Deadly A 63-year-old male is brought in by EMS after having a witnessed cardiac arrest while at work. Bystander CPR was started immediatel
Emergent Concerns in Ovarian Stimulation Clinical Case A 39-year-old female presents with acute right lower abdominal pain that awoke her from sleep. Her only medical history involves progesterone us