Baystate Medical Center


Because Baystate Medical Center is the region's tertiary referral center—and one of the highest volume emergency departments in the northeast—you will be exposed to diverse pathologies and advanced procedures.  122,000+ ED visits per year.

While you are here, you are going to work hard. But you will also have time to enjoy yourselves and pursue your interests. Our structured curriculum supports that. It's why clinical assignments average less than 45 hours per week. Shifts usually do not exceed 9 hours, and night shifts are scheduled in short blocks of 4-5 shifts in a row at most.

  • Our new ED and Level-1 trauma center has 10 ambulance bays and a rooftop helipad, 94 private rooms, dedicated radiology suite, and plenty of work stations.
  • We emphasize ultrasound in critical care. Our program focuses on helping you master bedside emergency medicine ultrasound and satisfy ACEP credentialing guidelines.
  • Our ACS-accredited simulation center helps you prepare for difficult cases using simulations of actual scenarios seen in our ED.
  • Train to deliver care in challenging conditions experienced in under-served parts of the world with our International Emergency Medicine Program.
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Perhaps the steepest learning curve during intern year presented itself as the mission to maintain wellness and find a balance that would allow me to keep showing up - for my patients, my co-residents
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We're pleased to introduce Caitlin Farrell, DO, MPH, assistant vice chair of the EMRA Social EM Committee, 2020-2021.
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