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The Doctors Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program is dedicated to training the finest emergency medicine physicians in the United States. We do this by providing outstanding clinical rotations and a dynamic didactic curriculum that focuses on problem based small group discussions and hands on, experiential learning scenarios. We emphasize clinical research in order to advance medical knowledge in emergency medicine and promote continuous self-education to maintain a state of the art knowledge base.

Our emergency department has 48 beds, 2 trauma rooms, and 7 triage rooms and opened in June 2010. Doctors Hospital is a certified Chest Pain Center and part of the OhioHealth Stroke Network.

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It happens to all of us: you've enjoyed a restorative vacation or you’re finishing an ultrasound rotation or even coming back after your wedding... and now you must return to the emergency department.
Prehospital personnel are truly on the frontlines of medicine, and they have been dramatically affected by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. As protocols shift according to supplies and emerging research, how
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We're pleased to introduce Zach Hampton, DO, vice chair of the EMRA Government Services Committee, 2020-2021.
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We're pleased to introduce Hajirah Ishaq, DO, MS, vice chair of the EMRA Prehospital & Disaster Medicine Committee, 2020-2021.
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Spontaneous iliopsoas injury, most commonly associated with athletes, is a rare cause of atraumatic hip pain - yet it should remain on your differential when evaluating hip or low back pain among the
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The prompt identification of a potential environmental toxin allows for early treatment and management. Specific identification as well as recognition of pertinent signs and symptoms are important ski
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Physicians need to feel confident in their ability to critically appraise new research. But it's not always easy, especially with an ever-increasing body of knowledge.
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The most effective medical education is designed with specific learners in mind. Using that as a guiding principle, the emergency medicine faculty and residents at Doctors Hospital came up with an eng
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Preparing for the Match can be all-consuming. But what happens afterward? This 3-part series will explore a few key topics. We addressed housing and finances, and now we tackle professional life.
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Preparing for the Match can be all-consuming. But what happens afterward? This 3-part series will explore a few key topics. We addressed housing, and now we tackle finances.