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From unexplained syncopal events to undiagnosed palpitations, there are many cardiac conditions where patients benefit from closer monitoring. Unlike the more invasive implantable cardiac defibrillato
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Disaster medicine is a growing niche in emergency medicine. Two experts in the field, Paul Auerbach, MD, MS, FACEP, and Thomas Kirsch, MD, MPH, FACEP, share insights in this Q-and-A.
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Does TXA MATTER When Your Patients CRASH? A Summary of 2 Seminal Studies of Tranexamic Acid in Trauma The past decade has ushered in significant advances in the care of patients with traumatic injuri
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Gastritis? Think Twice. Clinical case A 31-year-old female presents with severe intermittent epigastric abdominal pain. She reports that this pain began 3 weeks ago and has slowly increased to 10/10
Working with Nurses and Alternate Practitioners The following is an excerpt from EMRA's popular Medical Student Survival Guide, edited by Kristin Harkin, MD and Jeremy Cushman, MD. In this chapter ab