Mayo Clinic EM Residency

Centered on the principle "The needs of the patient come first," the Emergency Medicine Residency in Rochester, Minnesota, provides the highest quality resident training experience through exposure to a diverse and clinically challenging patient population and academic opportunities, all in preparation for a versatile career in emergency medicine. 

Regardless of whether you pursue an academic, community, or rural setting in which to practice, you will have the skills required to make a positive impact and be successful.

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The crisis in Ukraine has created a pivotal time for emergency physicians to provide the right type of aid and, eventually, help bolster EM education and practice within Ukrainian health care.
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It is important to consider that acute urinary retention can be a subtle clue of a neurologic process warranting emergent CT imaging to rule out vertebral fracture and MRI to rule out spinal cord comp
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Given all the demands on time, quality improvement can seem obscure and prove challenging to incorporate into your training in a meaningful way. So, here are 5 reasons why you should participate in qu