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The primary goal when you complete this program is to be not a competent, but an excellent emergency medicine physician ready for independent practice. Period. We have all of the other bells and whistles to get you to any other Emergency Medicine path you would like to travel, but the base is the same for all of our resident physicians. And we get to do all of this in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.

48-6 Acquired Methemoglobinemia.png
Acquired methemoglobinemia, a pathologic condition due to elevated quantities of methemoglobin in the blood, is an infrequent presentation in a healthy adult patient. This case illustrates the risk as
45-5 VPA Overdose.jpg
Can you recognize severe valproate overdose? Understanding VPA pharmacokinetics is essential to help guide your treatment plan.
Wrap-up: ACEP Legislative Advocacy Conference This year's iteration of the ACEP Legislative Advocacy Conference and Leadership Summit (LAC) took place May 3-6 and was exceptional. For many in emergen
A Review of U.S. Disaster Preparedness Programs This fall, the first cases of Ebola were diagnosed and treated in the United States. Although the spread of this disease fell far short of the disaster