SUNY Downstate Kings County

Established in 1992, the Department of Emergency Medicine is comprised of a team of dedicated physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals committed to providing medical care to the rich diversity of people in Brooklyn, New York.

With one of the most progressive and challenging Emergency Medicine (EM) and combined Emergency Medicine / Internal Medicine (EM/IM) residency programs in the liveliest city in America, the department of Emergency Medicine offers residents an unparalleled comprehensive education. We go above and beyond the expected in order to train the most capable, confident and cultivated leaders in emergency medicine.


You’re in your final year of residency, and the light at the end of the residency tunnel is inching closer and closer. You’ve traveled long and far on a road with twists and turns and bumps and dips a
How can you safely get outdoors? What do you need to plan to stay safe? How can you spend time in the wilderness responsibly? What impact can you have on the health of our planet and its future after
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the hospital bursting at the seams and patients growing sicker and sicker as they edged toward a lonely death, I answered.
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They may have had full lives with love and care and food and jokes before the coronavirus laid claim to them. And though we cannot offer a cure, we offer all we can. Even when it's simply the comfort
The emergency department can be filled with frustration at times. During the first wave of COVID-19 illnesses, that frustration reached a boiling point.
Can community health workers help cut down on ED "super-user" visits and lead to sustainable cost savings?