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Our mission from the start has been to produce competent, compassionate physicians who excel in clinical practice, academic pursuits, and service to their community and region. During their three-year training at UNMC, our residents work in our 50,000+ visit per year Emergency Department treating transplant, cancer, pediatric, critically ill, and critically injured patients from across our region. We supplement their training with rotations at rural hospitals, so they gain experience working without the net of a tertiary care hospital.

Additionally, they train in the pediatric ED, adult and pediatric ICUs, trauma service, anesthesia, and poison center. Beyond this, the cadaver lab, simulation lab, and our ever evolving lecture series provides them the solid structure needed to achieve medical and procedural competence. Upon graduation, our residents have become ultrasound fellows, disaster medicine fellows, EMS fellows, Wilderness Medicine fellows, Medical Education fellows, medical directors, partners in community practices, educators, and academicians – all while caring for patients with the skills they honed at UNMC.

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EMRA Director of Education Erin Karl has been working to illuminate and elevate medical education since her own days as a medical student.
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We're pleased to introduce Erin Karl, MD, chair of the EMRA Education Committee, 2020-2021.
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As a medical student member of EMRA and ACEP, you have a veritable treasure trove of resources at your disposal. Find out how to use them to improve your knowledge and your practice, both on-shift and
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Summer is here, and that means it's time to prepare for away rotations. Here are 10 easy steps to help you succeed.
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