University of New Mexico EM Residency

The University of New Mexico School of Medicine residency in emergency medicine is three-year training program with 12 residents per year and ACGME accredited Fellowships in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and EMS, plus a Sports Medicine Fellowship through Family Medicine, Palliative Care through Internal Medicine and a non ACGME accredited Wilderness Fellowship. The program was established in 1987 and is nationally known for its unique location and culture, its Critical Care training, innovative simulation center, injury prevention research, wilderness, disaster and international medicine, EMS activities, and strong focus on community service.

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Patient safety has been a prime issue in health care since the 1999 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report To Err is Human, which led to adverse event tracking and quality improvement measures in almost e
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As an emergency physician, you've studied and trained for every manner of injury, illness, and critical disease. While that knowledge goes far in offering confidence in a treatment plan, it doesn't al