Abby Cosgrove, MD


2015 - 2017 Editor-in-Chief, EM Resident
2015 - 2017 EMRA Secretary of the Board
Residency: Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
Medical School: University of Virginia

Letter from the Editor One of my first editions as Editor-in-Chief of EM Resident featured a story about the fascinating history of space medicine. I loved this article not only because it introduced
Letter from the Editor Every year as interns don their long white coats for the first time ever, swipe their glossy name badges, and figure out where the bathrooms are, I have flashbacks to my first
Letter from the Editor There I was, driving giddily to the Social Security Administration office on Delmar Boulevard in St. Louis. It was June 30, and I was a newlywed doctor (surely it was a mistake
Letter from the Editor And in the end, when the life went out of him and my hands could work no more, I left from that place into the night and wept — for myself, for life, for the tragedy of death’s
Letter from the Editor I couldn’t stop staring at the eerie photo I had just taken from the 7th floor of the Texas School Book Depository, peering out over the intersection of Elm and Houston. I was
Letter from the Editor Some days I feel like quitting. I always imagine it happening in the same way. It will be the end of an exhausting 12-hour overnight shift. I will have just been yelled at by a
Letter from the Editor I see my mail carrier about once a week. She usually arrives around 11 am, sometimes later. If I am home, I will wave from the kitchen, occasionally running out with something
Letter from the Editor I cried the first time I read general surgery resident Dr. Joshua Corso's Facebook post about his blood-stained shoes in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting. It went somethin
Letter from the Editor Spring has sprung, summer is almost here, moods and pool covers have been lifted. Residency is flying by, and like seasons, the more I know and the more experiences I have, the
Letter from the Editor I had no intention of watching the entire first season of Fuller House in one day. Instead, I had a mile-long to-do list that should have been completed before my next shift: a