Eric Melnychuk, DO

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Associate Professor
Emergency Medicine
Critical Care Medicine
Geisinger Medical Center

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Most EDs are not designed to provide comprehensive psychiatric care, leading to suboptimal treatment for psychiatric patients, particularly those with suicidal ideations. Boarding in the ED often resu
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Although most evaluations and interventions focus on providing life-sustaining interventions in the ED, emergency physicians must also be prepared to provide proper care to individuals who may not ben
Compassion and a focus on comfort are keys when delivering end-of-life care in the ED.
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Providing palliation and end-of-life care has become an important aspect of emergency medicine; this has become especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. Comfort measures and terminal extubati
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Ventilator alarms can be the first sign of an acute process and should be addressed immediately. It’s important to understand basic troubleshooting and move beyond DOPES when managing vent alarms.