Arielle King, MSIV

EMRA MSC Southwest Coordinator, 2016-17 | University of Texas Southwestern | Dallas, TX

Post-Match Reflections Generally when people think of emergency physicians, they think of adjectives like “laid back,” “chill,” “type-B,” and so on. Well, I definitely was not feeling like any of
Reflections on Running an Emergency Medicine Interest Group Emergency medicine is the best specialty. This obviously biased conclusion came to me while working as a scribe in an emergency department,
Making the Most of National Conferences Generally, the association that medical students make with conferences is research. However, I'm here to tell you that attending an emergency medicine conferen
Rapid Sequence Intubation: Basics for Medical Students We all learn our ABC's as kids, but after a couple years of medical school they take on a different meaning: airway, breathing, and circulation.
Boundless Opportunities: The Search for Unique Volunteer Experiences in Emergency Medicine “Are you a medic?” asked a concerned teenage girl wearing cat ears as I patrolled the crowded walkways of t