Darren Cuthbert, MD, MPH

Darren Cuthbert 2022.JPG

Clinical Associate Professor
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Jersey City Medical Center
Barnabas Health

Medical Director
Emergency Physician and Epidemiologist
Production Health Safety

Residency: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson
Medical school: St. George's University - New York

47-2 Colon Cleansing Gone Wrong - CT1_web.jpg
Retained foreign bodies are not uncommon in emergency medicine, but this case presented unusual circumstances as the patient had consulted a Reiki master for a regimen of colon cleansing.
46-1 Pacer Interference.jpg
Pacemaker malfunctions are a not-infrequent reason for an emergency department evaluation. As a result, there is a wide differential into the underlying potential etiologies.
46-1 MedSpanish - IMG_2780.jpg
A Spanish immersion program that doubles as global health outreach is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will shape your practice and improve the way you care for patients throughout your career, s
45-5 Bleach Ingestion.jpg
Bleach can be found in most homes and workplaces across America. This broad, easy availability makes it a candidate for potentially toxic ingestions. When should you assess for structural damage?
A 53-year-old man presents to the ED for worsening pain associated with a longstanding whole-body rash. He states that 2 years ago a small blemish started on his chest, and it spread to involve predom
Fight Bites and Other Human Bite Injuries A 27-year-old male presents to the emergency department complaining of purulent drainage from a wound to his right hand. He says that he was in a fight about