Geoff Comp, DO, FAWM

EMRA Ex-Officio Board Member, 2018-2019
EMRA Wilderness Division Vice-Chair, 2016-2017
EMRA MedWAR Co-founder

Residency:  Doctors Hospital/Ohio Health
Medical school: Kansas City University Medical College of Osteopathic Medicine

The prompt identification of a potential environmental toxin allows for early treatment and management. Specific identification as well as recognition of pertinent signs and symptoms are important ski
The most effective medical education is designed with specific learners in mind. Using that as a guiding principle, the emergency medicine faculty and residents at Doctors Hospital came up with an eng
Improvised Medicine: Lessons from the Wilderness Improvised medicine might be viewed as a skill reserved for the wilderness — for the people who can whittle an entire trauma bay out of a few sticks.
EMRA MedWAR Rolls to Record Heights in Red Rock Canyon In its inaugural year, the 2016 EMRA MedWAR raced into the record books, with 30 competitors and nearly 40 volunteers staging a wildly successfu