Luke Wohlford


EMRA Medical Student Council Editor, 2021-2022
EMRA Medical Student Council Southwest Regional Representative, 2020-2021
EMRA Medical Student Council liaison to Prehospital & Disaster Medicine Committee, 2020-2021

Medical school: University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix

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SLOEs are arguably the most influential piece of a medical student's application to an EM residency. Yet, there is an important distinction from other factors such as board scores, grades, and experie
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The most prevalent medical problems around the globe are in the sphere of headache disorders. Let's discuss the procedure, use, and relevance of Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) blockade in the abortive
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For a long time, prehospital emergency medicine education was limited to those training for jobs in the field. Only in the last several decades have mass education initiatives emphasized emergency med
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We're pleased to introduce Luke Wohlford, EMRA Medical Student Council Southwest Regional Representative, 2020-2021.