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The financial, equitable, and logistical implications of a new, in-person ABEM certifying exam as planned — especially one that replaces the current virtual OCE format — warrants further consideration
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used in emergency medicine and critical care to improve clinical decision-making, patient outcomes, and operational efficiency. However, the use of A
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In the ED, simple cost-effective interventions leading to small-scale success toward sustainability are excellent starting points to establish environmental accountability beginning at the department
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The ever-growing frequency of patients presenting to the emergency department with fentanyl overdoses — and fentanyl’s surging presence in cocaine and other black-market drugs — demands that we, as em
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Instagram has emerged as a powerful tool for residency programs, offering a unique platform to showcase strengths, engage with diverse audiences, and foster a sense of community. However, it is crucia
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Poor health literacy is one of the most common social determinants of health that we encounter daily in the ED. Limited health literacy results in higher rates of morbidity and mortality and increases
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EDs are critical entry points for establishing medical care in the United States for marginalized and immigrant populations. It is imperative to actively address issues specific to these individuals,
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Understanding basic terminology, health disparities, and ED-specific concerns relevant to LGBTQIA+ patients is a timely and urgent task for emergency physicians. Studies have shown that provider incom
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People experiencing homelessness commonly present to the emergency department for health care needs, and the ED plays a crucial role, as it serves as the first — and often the only — resource for acce
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Remunerated plasma donation remains a necessary unpleasantry. In response, we can bolster the voluntary systems that uphold our country’s current blood product supply by signing up for regularly sched