Nicholas Governatori, MD

Medical Education Fellow | Thomas Jefferson University | Philadelphia, PA

Diagnose this Condition The Patient 30-year-old male with no significant past medical history presents with 2 days of gradually worsening rash over the left nare, left upper lip, and inferior medial
I Smell a Rat: Advocating for Resident As Teacher It looked like a scene from a horror movie — tiny bones scattered over the kitchen table vaguely resembling an amateur archeological adventure into a
Spotlight on Medical Education Fellowships “So, like, you want to teach?” When asked what I'm doing with the next year of my life, I often get a puzzled look. “Wait, what is medical education? Like,
A Call for Formalized Training in Hand-Off Procedures 7 pm arrives. Your stomach is growling. You realize you haven't taken a bathroom break in the past twelve hours, and it's already time to sign ou