Priyanka Lauber, DO

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Residency: Lehigh Valley Health Network
Medical school: Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine (CUSOM)

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What is culture, especially organizational culture? More important: How can a single individual affect the culture of an entire group? These 5 stages of success shed some light on that question.
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As we endure the COVID era - making transitions harder than normal - one thing has been clear: Many people are struggling. Are you OK?
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July marks a turning point each year, as new interns arrive in programs throughout the country, newly graduated residents launch the next phase of their careers, and medical students take the next ste
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If there's one anxiety-provoking day in a young physician's life, it's Match day.
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There has never been a time when a novel virus that ravaged the world was sequenced, studied, and understood down to its genetic makeup so quickly in the entire span of humanity's existence.
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We all face changes every day — whether it is a simple change in the weather, our schedule, or expected change of seasons. Change affects us all, and we each deal with change differently.
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COVID-19 has brought a lot of negatives and challenges, so I will look for and take a positive wherever I can find it. One bright note this year: Pet adoptions are on the rise as people realize the he
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The resurgence of anti-racism mentality in this country is long overdue. We have been forced, repeatedly, to come to terms with the racism in this country. Do you know what it means to be anti-racist?
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#EMRAFamily, times are tough. But don't let coronavirus take away anything more than it already has. Take the time to talk to our colleagues, friends, family. Do not repress your thoughts. Journal and
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EM Resident's Editor-in-Chief investigates: When did organizational medicine become a dirty word? When did getting involved in physician administration and advocacy become uncool?