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If there's one anxiety-provoking day in a young physician's life, it's Match day.

HAPPY post #matchday!! 

I still remember the EXACT time, place, and overwhelming emotions I experienced when I found out I matched into my No. 1 choice of EM residency. The nights leading up to the match were filled with apprehension, racing thoughts, loss of sleep, and pendulation between overwhelming excitement and crushing anxiety. It's the most career-defining (and life-defining, to a certain degree) moment of your life: four years of college, a year of research, four years of med school, all leading up to this very moment.

Some of you have gone through match day with a significant other matching with you (couple's match) or with an ideal location in mind - only adding to the anxiety and fear.

Although it is an exciting and celebratory time for many, it can also be a devastating season for those who didn't match — or who matched in locations or programs they don’t feel are the best option. Just remember, it DOESN'T take away your worth. Read that again. The outcome of the match does not take away your worth!

Unmatched? Remain Unfazed
If you didn't match into your choice of residency, try and try again. Our program recently matched a surgical resident and a family medicine resident; medicine can offer more flexibility than the match implies.

EM is a competitive residency, and I want to see all of you succeed. EMRA is also here to help. Reach out to us on ways to succeed in the next cycle, get involved in research, and how to make the best use of the interim year as you prepare to enter the match again.

Prep and Celebrate
And for those who matched, cherish every second. Let this achievement soak in, and realize YOU did this! All too often in life and in medical school, we don't celebrate our successes enough. So, celebrate this moment with family (zoom or in-person, if vaccinated). Enjoy a nice meal and your favorite activities with loved ones. We will see you on-shift soon, doctor!

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