Maimonides Medical Center


Maimonides Medical Center's Emergency Medicine Residency provides one of the most unique and rewarding training environments in the country. Surrounded by the 2.6 million residents of Brooklyn, New York, Maimonides serves an incredibly varied patient population. Our patients speak many different languages and represent many different cultures. Given the diversity of our patients, Maimonides residents have the benefit of first hand experience with a broad range of pathology not available at other training centers. Our patients are a decade older on average than those seen in other urban ERs and reflect what others will be seeing in their ERs in 10 years.

Because Maimonides has a long history of exemplary tertiary care, many of the sickest patients in Brooklyn are treated in the Maimonides Emergency Department. Trainees will benefit directly from the extensive critical care experience of the attending and nursing staff. The emergency department also has a substantial amount of support staff including technicians, phlebotomists, EKG technicians, translators, clerks, transporters and dedicated patient representatives to assist with every aspect of emergency care. A great staff coupled with award winning, cutting edge computer technology creates a work environment where resident physicians can focus primarily on patient care and their own medical education.

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We're pleased to introduce Daniel Novak, DO, chair-elect of the EMRA Administration & Operations Committee, 2021-22.
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We're pleased to introduce Fran H. Riley, MD, chair-elect of the EMRA Informatics Committee, 2020-2021.
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We're pleased to introduce Mark Ramzy, DO, EMT-P, chair of the EMRA Critical Care Committee, 2020-2021.
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We're pleased to introduce Kestrel Reopelle, MD, assistant vice chair of the EMRA Wellness Committee, 2020-2021.