St John Hospital and Medical Center

Our Emergency Department with 73 private patient care rooms and massive resuscitation area is a state-of-the-art facility and a great place to practice and train. The most important assets of our program, however, are the top-notch people involved – the faculty, residents, nurses, ancillary and office staff as well as the interesting patients they serve. The variety and acuity of disease processes encountered by our resident and staff are vast and as a result, they develop a strong clinical acumen. 

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The Rescue Task Force model of care represents an emerging standard of operations in response to high-threat mass casualty incidents. Distinct from the TEMS model, RTF care incorporates "street-level"
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Helicopter EMS is less dangerous than often portrayed, and safety is continuously being improved at all levels from the individual, aeromedical agencies, and national regulatory bodies.
How Becoming a Patient's Family Member Changed Me as a Doctor How on earth did patients and loved ones who have no formal training in health care or medicine manage to keep their composure when battl