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At some point along the pathway to becoming a physician - or a better physician - we must pause and ask ourselves, "What am I learning from the hidden curriculum?"
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If your care saves the patient but leaves their mind wounded, have you fully cared for the patient? Adopting a practice of premeditated compassion would allow us to offer our patients empathy reflexiv
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When a particularly rough shift ends, do you have a way to leave it behind you?
Obsidian The pager goes off”¦ trauma activation. SICU and I'm on call. I make my way to the ED. My fellow resident is there, doing the lateral canthotomy, ET tube's in. It's bad — auto vs. pedestrian
The Crucible of Medicine: Reflections on Becoming a Doctor I entered the third year of medical school with great excitement. I was finally out of the classroom and seeing real patients, connecting w
Recognizing Compassion Fatigue: Seeing Past the Present She was constantly in the emergency department for alcohol and drug intoxication. Staff dreaded her because she was usually inebriated and aski
How Becoming a Patient's Family Member Changed Me as a Doctor How on earth did patients and loved ones who have no formal training in health care or medicine manage to keep their composure when battl
On Being the Best The first-ever Emergency Medicine Wellness Week™ was observed this January. It was a good opportunity to take stock of wellness on a personal, program-based, and profession-wide lev
Wake-Up Call: Fear and Empathy in Emergencies The shrill sound of my pager rang me out of my early-morning stupor at 5 a.m. The small screen indicated that a Level 1 trauma was heading our way soon –