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Experienced leadership, a quarter-century plus of residency training experience, a cutting-edge formal curriculum, a wide variety of clinical environments, a state-of-the-art medical education building housing high technology simulators, coupled with a dedication from the department, the hospital, and the medical school, all contribute to a top-notch training experience.  

This month our Program Director Interview Series gets to know a newly accredited program in Georgia. We got to talk with Dr. Josh Mugele about his program at Northeast Georgia Medical Center.
Type I error. Type II error. Alpha. Beta. And that null hypothesis. Let's look at what these all really mean in clinical studies.
How much can you rely on the evidence presented in a clinical study? Let this pyramid be a guide.
A look at what each of these terms implies when used in medical research.
Residency is almost over. Where to go next? Contemplate along with Dr. Matthew Trifan.
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Residency provides a built-in community, culture, and structure all its own. But as you look toward those early career years, how do you decide which practice environment is right for you?
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"Wanna write that up?" Not many phrases in emergency medicine can induce as much anxiety as these four innocuous words. These 10 steps can help you overcome that anxiety and get published.
Diagnose this Condition The Patient 30-year-old male with no significant past medical history presents with 2 days of gradually worsening rash over the left nare, left upper lip, and inferior medial
Program Director Interview Series: Robin Naples, MD | Thomas Jefferson University Robin Naples, MD, Program Director of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program, spok