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We are proud to graduate superb clinicians, academic leaders, and visionary researchers. We successfully treat tens of thousands of patients in South Texas and underserved populations across the globe. Our emphasis on excellence in patient care has made our primary teaching facility, University Hospital, one of the top rated hospitals in the country.

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Seemingly every social media outlet used by emergency medicine physicians-in-training blew up on Feb. 22 in response to a proposed non-physician emergency medicine "residency" training program at UNC.
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We're pleased to introduce Owais Durrani, DO, vice chair of the EMRA Health Policy Committee, 2020-2021.
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Although the majority of residency programs offer elective opportunities, few provide the foundation for formal global health experiences. Yet the benefits of international clinical rotations for a ph
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One of the most hotly contested topics in health policy right now is the issue of balance billing, which can leave patients with exorbitant bills while emergency physicians' services go unpaid. Learn
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A 22-year-old vaccinated male with no past medical history presents to an ED in South Texas with a rash to his right inner thigh for 3 days. He reports the rash started as a large red bump, progressin
The Program Director Interview Series is pleased to feature Dorian Drigalla, MD, FACEP, who's sharing details about the Scott & White Medical Center - Temple Emergency Medicine Residency Program in Te