Ryan Joseph, DO, DTM&H

Ryan Joseph.jpg

EMRA MedWAR Competitor, 2017
EMRA International Committee, 2016-2018

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Global Emergency Care Curriculum Director
UT Health San Antonio

Fellowship: UT San Antonio: Global Health & Ultrasound
Residency: CHRISTUS Health/Texas A&M
Medical school: University of North Texas Health Science Center

In this patient, bedside transthoracic echocardiography was key to discovering the cause of chest pain and shortness of breath.
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Although the majority of residency programs offer elective opportunities, few provide the foundation for formal global health experiences. Yet the benefits of international clinical rotations for a ph
Cultural and Ethical Barriers Cultural disparities and reactions may seem confusing to many physicians and volunteers. One evening, while practicing in a rural Ugandan emergency department (ED), I wa
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STEMI or no STEMI? A Challenging Diagnosis A 26-year-old anxious, diaphoretic male presents with crushing mid-sternal chest pain that awakened him from sleep. Past medical history is unremarkable asi