University of Texas Southwestern

This exciting Emergency Medicine Residency Program uses UT System components to provide a superior educational experience, permitting its residents exposure to every aspect of emergency medicine and its subspecialties.

The primary objective of the Emergency Medicine Residency Program is to provide an excellent and comprehensive experience in emergency medicine. This is accomplished by reinforcing the principles of sound patient care, procedural expertise, strong clinical and conference teaching, innovative research and academic writing, and humanism and ethical considerations.

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We're pleased to introduce Jonathan Brewer, MD, vice chair of the EMRA Education Committee, 2020-2021.
By incorporating ultrasound into the first-year curriculum, not only are medical students able to learn a technique that augments their anatomical knowledge, they are also able to contribute meaningfu
The CDC is tracking reports of poisonings caused by brodifacoum-laced synthetic marijuana (aka "spice").
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Boundless Opportunities: The Search for Unique Volunteer Experiences in Emergency Medicine “Are you a medic?” asked a concerned teenage girl wearing cat ears as I patrolled the crowded walkways of t
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