EM Resident

Rotting Away: Fournier's Gangrene Matthew Mitchell, MD, Resident, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI Case An 83-year-old male is dropped off by his caregiver with a chief complaint of shortness of
Infecting the Masses: Soft Tissue Infections and Ultrasound Sarah H. Michael, DO, MS, Resident, Detroit Receiving Hospital, Detroit, MI There are few tasks in emergency medicine that are as simple to
New Doctors, New Choices: The Delicate Work/Life Balance Tim Murphy, MSIV, University of Connecticut , School of Medicine, Farmington, CT During my third-year rotations, I was frequently regaled with
Small Spaces: Ultrasound-Guided Small Joint Aspiration Meredith Hill-Ciesielski, MD, Ultrasound Fellow, Detroit Receiving and Sinai Grace Hospital, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI Mark Favot, MD,
Feeling the Burn: Tips to Combating Medical Burnout Sepi Jooniani, MD, MPH, Resident, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI What does burnout mean? Do your feelings of cynicism mean you've lost your heart
Thoracic Aortic Dissection James Hall, MD, Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, MO Sajid Khan, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept. of Emergency Medicine, Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City, Kan
Emergency Department Bradydysrhythmias From the September 2013 issue of Emergency Medicine Practice, “Evaluation And Management of Bradydysrhythmias in the Emergency Department.” Reprinted with perm
Electrical Injuries in Children From the September 2013 issue of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice, “An Evidence-Based Approach to Electrical Injuries in Children.” Reprinted with permission. To
Gillian Schmitz, MD   Dr. Schmitz graduated from the Loyola Stritch School of Medicine in 2004. During residency at the University of North Carolina, where she was chief resident, she served as the a
Debra Houry, MD   A nationally renowned authority on violence and preventable injuries, emergency medicine physician Dr. Debra Houry has built a career devoted to public health. Although she now serv