Sean M. Hickey, MD

Sean Hickey.jpg

Assistant Professor of Anesthesia and Emergency Medicine
Keck School of Medicine
University of Southern California

EMRA Critical Care Committee Chair, 2022-2023
Committee Chair-Elect, 2021-2022
Committee Vice Chair, 2019-2021

Fellowship: Anesthesia/Critical Care Medicine, UCLA
 Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Medical school: Albert Einstein College of Medicine

The ICU-ROX study, designed as the largest RCT of mechanically ventilated ICU patients, investigates whether conservative oxygen therapy could reduce mortality. Are the results enough to tip the scale
This review article was trying to take another look at the impact of epinephrine, especially its impact on meaningful neurologic survival, to see if the debates launched by the PARAMEDIC-2 trial were
Can vitamin C benefit patients with sepsis-related ARDS? Take a look at the evidence from the CITRIS-ALI study before you take a stance in this ongoing debate.
Sometimes a clinical trial shows no statistical differences yet can help to illuminate best practices. Count the ESETT Trial as one of them.
Moderate therapeutic hypothermia could be another tool in treating cardiac arrest patients. But how much should a patient be cooled? The HYPERION Trial doesn't resolve that debate.
Critical Care Alert - sep-1 image.jpg
The SEP-1 core measure instituted by CMS has been hotly debated. A new review of literature shows a lack of high-quality evidence to back up the specificity required in the sepsis bundle.
CritCare Alert - Rose Trial.jpg
Does early neuromuscular blockade accompanied by heavy sedation in ARDS cases improve all-cause in-hospital mortality rates? The ROSE trial investigates.
Critical Care Alert - Andromeda.jpg
When trying to resuscitate patients with septic shock, which offers better guidance for intervention: measuring capillary refill or trending lactate levels? The Andromeda SHOCK trial studied patients