Parth S. Gandhi, DO

Parth Gandhi.jpg

EMRA Education Committee Vice Chair, 2021-2022

Residency: Christiana Care Health System
Medical school: Nova Southeastern University Health Science Osteopathic Medicine

CCUS 60-60 Fig 1a.jpg
The 60/60 sign is an ultrasound finding that can help increase specificity in diagnosing right ventricular dysfunction in the setting of an acute pulmonary embolism.
48-6 COVID Pericardial Effusion.png
Recently, a series of case reports have described the effect of COVID-19 on myocardial and pericardial tissue. It appears the majority of cases of myocarditis, pericarditis, and pericardial effusions
46-5 Dear Attending.jpg
An honest and appreciative response from an emergency resident when an attending takes a moment to check in on how this whole new world called ED is going.