ACEP Scientific Assembly

ACEP16: A Sure Bet for Progress

With EMRA events spanning more than a week in Las Vegas, progress surged on multiple fronts.

Resolutions & Elections

The Representative Council discussed, debated — and ultimately voted in favor of — four resolutions:


  1. Support high-fidelity simulation as a component of the ABEM oral certification exam.
  2. Support diversity and inclusion for emergency medicine physicians in training.
  3. Support awareness of and education about human trafficking.
  4. Support gun violence research from a public health perspective.


Additionally, the Rep Council elected five positions on the EMRA Board of Directors, including Zach Jarou, MD, as president-elect; Scott Pasichow, MD, MPH, as vice-speaker; Nida Degesys, MD, as ACEP representative; Shehni Nadeem, MD, as membership development coordinator; and Rachel Solnick, MD, as legislative advisor.

The five will join President Alicia Kurtz, MD, and Immediate Past President Ricky Dhaliwal, MD, JD, in shepherding the association for the coming year.

National updates include the ACEP leadership transition to Rebecca Parker, MD, as president; CORD partnering with ACEP on a Resilience Summit in February; and a reminder of ABEM's new online certification application.

Enjoy a few scenes from Las Vegas. Meanwhile, be sure to join us at the ACEP Leadership & Advocacy Conference, March 12-15, in Washington, D.C.


After working hard at the EMRA Residency Program Fair,
the crew from UT Southwestern lets their true colors show at Studio EMRA.



EMRA's Medical Student Forum and Luncheon allows students to interact
with program directors in lectures, small groups, and individually.



EMRA Program Representatives speak for the fellow residents
while voting on resolutions and board candidates.



With SIMWars, 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition, and the
brand-new EMRA MedWAR, residents have plenty of opportunity
to exercise their competitive natures.



The second annual EMRA 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition
brought together 15 worthy speakers and 4 dynamic judges:
(from left) judges Mel Herbert, MD, FACEP, and Paul Jhun, MD, FAAEM,
winners William Fox, MD (2nd Place), Nikolai Schnittke, MD (1st Place),
and Caleb Sunde, MD (People's Choice),
and judges Nikita Joshi, MD, and David Terca, MD (2015 winner).