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EMRA Medical Students: Senior Interviews After another successful application cycle, we sat down with some of the outgoing EMRA Medical Student Council seniors to find out a bit more about their over
High Performance CPR: Leading the Way to Better Outcomes The heart is an incredible organ. The average American's heart will beat nearly 2.5 billion times over the course of a lifetime.1 But eventual
ECG Challenge - April 2017 Case. A middle-aged male with unknown medical history is brought to the emergency department after being found outside on the streets of New York City in February smelling
Round of Applause for Our 2017 Spring Awards Recipients! Please join EMRA in congratulating our 2017 Spring Awards recipients. Your contributions are already making a difference to the specialty! Spe
Pain Management in Vaso-occlusive Sickle Cell Crisis Sickle cell disease (SCD) is the most common genetic blood disorder in the United States, affecting an estimated 100,000 persons.1 Vaso-occlusive
Boxer's Break: Metacarpal Fractures A 21-year-old male presents to the emergency department (ED) with pain and swelling in his left hand several hours after an injury that occurred while playing foot
Health Policy Journal Club: Access to Specialists Worse with Medicaid Orthopedic appointment availability 5 times higher for uninsured than for Medicaid Increase outpatient services and thereby decre
Consult Corner Neurosurgery When you have a patient with a neurosurgical emergency, time is precious. Colin Przybylowski, MD, of the Barrow Neurological Institute offers insight on how to present an
A Case of Orbital Pseudotumor: More than Meets the Eye A 55-year-old female presents to the emergency department with 2 days of worsening right eye pain and conjunctival injection, now with proptosis
When The Room Is Spinning: Can't-Miss Diagnoses in the Dizzy Patient A 34-year-old previously healthy female presents with abrupt onset right-sided headache, vertigo, and vomiting associated with di