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Type I error. Type II error. Alpha. Beta. And that null hypothesis. Let's look at what these all really mean in clinical studies.
How much can you rely on the evidence presented in a clinical study? Let this pyramid be a guide.
A look at what each of these terms implies when used in medical research.
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Have an EM story to share? "I want to hear about your struggles, your failures, and your triumphs. Even if you tried and failed, I welcome it," says EM Resident Editor-in-Chief Priyanka Lauber.
In the latest installment of our PD Q&A series, we spoke with Michael L. Epter, DO, program director at the Maricopa Medical Center EM residency in Phoenix, AZ, about what makes his program unique and
This review article was trying to take another look at the impact of epinephrine, especially its impact on meaningful neurologic survival, to see if the debates launched by the PARAMEDIC-2 trial were
A look at California's efforts to take on the "Oh no!" of OON (out-of-network) provider bills who delivered care at an INN (in-network) facility. The solution changed negotiations between docs and ins
Can vitamin C benefit patients with sepsis-related ARDS? Take a look at the evidence from the CITRIS-ALI study before you take a stance in this ongoing debate.