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Program Director Interview Series: Robin Naples, MD | Thomas Jefferson University Robin Naples, MD, Program Director of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program, spok
Tornado Touchdown: Mississippi Medical Students Overcome Disaster In the early morning hours of Jan. 21, 2017, medical students in Mississippi were”¦ studying. Like every other first-year student, I
Tripping off Trumpets: Diagnosis and Management of Jimson Weed Toxicity A 16-year-old male is brought to the emergency department for confusion and hallucinations for the past hour. Two hours prior t
Resident on the Reservation: A Month with the Indian Health Service Tuba City is an unincorporated town baked into the high desert of northern Arizona. With a population of 9,000, it is a major cente
Central Line Training in a Resource-Limited Environment Medical residents in the United States have the opportunity to learn and practice procedures on simulators before ever attempting them on a rea
Saber Tooth Tigers: Tactical Thinking in Emergency Medicine The double doors leading to the emergency department opened and I was greeted by a large, startling Ice Age animal that opened its menacing
Sides of the Same Coin: Dispelling Myths About Palliative Care in the ED Emergency Medicine (EM) and Hospice/Palliative Medicine (HPM) are often viewed as two medical specialties on opposite sides of
Obsidian The pager goes off”¦ trauma activation. SICU and I'm on call. I make my way to the ED. My fellow resident is there, doing the lateral canthotomy, ET tube's in. It's bad — auto vs. pedestrian
EMRA Alumni Membership: We're Your People Throughout Your Career! EMRA members are uniquely talented individuals who shape the face of emergency medicine. We want to enable you to continue being rock
Telemedicine A 34-year-old female woke up today with a sore throat. She hoped she would improve as the day went on, but the pain persisted despite over-the-counter medications. She tried calling her