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Supreme Court Upholds ACA The Supreme Court on June 25 ruled in the case of King v. Burwell, upholding a major provision of the Affordable Care Act.  In a 6-3 decision, the court sided with Secretary
Diagnosing and Managing Shock From the March 2014 issue of Emergency Medicine Practice, “Diagnosis and Management of Shock in the Emergency Department.” Reprinted with permission. To access your EMRA
Blue Leg The Patient A 46-year-old male presents to the emergency department complaining of excruciating right leg pain. The pain began with a mild aching the day prior to admission along with some d
X: The Toxidrome Note: Incorrect author information appeared in the print edition and has been corrected here. We apologize for the error and confusion. A 24-year-old female is brought into your ED b
Evaluation of Acute Unexplained Crying in Infants From the March 2014 issue of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice, “A Systematic Approach to the Evaluation of Acute Unexplained Crying in Infants i
Resident Updates from #CORDAA15 The Council of Emergency Medicine Program Directors (@CORD_EM) was formed in 1989 to promote “excellence in emergency medicine education through collaboration, innovat
Ethical Dilemmas During the Global Health Elective The Other Side of the Looking Glass The blood will not stop flowing. Marked with many of the sequelae of late-stage AIDS, my 19-year-old HIV-positiv
In Shock: The Approach to Pediatric Sepsis Introduction and Sepsis Review Whether in a pediatric or adult patient, the physiologic process of sepsis remains the same. Sepsis is a systemic inflammator
Backing Up the Evidence: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis A meta-analysis or systematic review (MA/SR) can be a powerful tool to aggregate data on a specific question and arrive at a universal ans
Three-in-One: The Forearm Nerve Block A 29-year-old carpenter rushes into your emergency department with a 6 cm laceration on the palmar aspect of his hand after mishandling a power saw. The lacerati