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We present 2 cases of severe post-tonsillectomy hemorrhage (PTH). Our cases highlight the potential role of IV-administered tranexamic acid (TXA) as an effective treatment option in acutely bleeding p
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Esophageal perforation is a life-threatening condition caused by foreign body ingestion and can easily be missed. Therefore, suspicion for perforation should remain high until proven otherwise. Unfort
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Pneumoparotid/pneumoparotitis is an uncommon cause of parotid gland swelling classified by free air seen within the parotid glands. Typically, swelling of the parotid glands can be attributed to infec
Eagle’s Syndrome, described as a “foreign body’s sensation” in the throat, is characterized by calcified stylohyoid ligament or an elongated styloid process. Definitive treatment is surgical, requirin
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Nasal septal abscesses are an uncommon diagnosis in emergency medicine, with limited analysis and discussion in the otolaryngology literature. Spontaneous incidents are rarer still.